When I stayed in Zimbabwe I opted to do a Microlight Flight over Victoria Falls. Visiting Victoria Falls was always on the bucket list, but being able to fly above it was beyond spectacular and definitely a once in a lifetime experience.


The company I did the Microlight Flight with was Batoka Sky. They have two flight options – 15 minutes and 30 minutes. I went with the 15-minute flight as I mainly wanted to go over the Falls. The 30-minute flight ventures over the Falls and then heads further upstream for a low level swoop at Mosi-oa-Tunya Zoological Park for a unique game viewing, but seeing as I was heading to Kruger National Park after Victoria Falls, I wasn’t too fussed.


The 15-minute flight is $179pp (only one person on a microlight with pilot) and the 30-minute flight is $360pp (2017 rates: 01/11/2016-31/10/2017). Be sure to book in advance to secure your spot. We were able to do this at our hotel and had a transfer collect us, take us over the border and bring us back at the end.


For safety purposes, they don’t allow you to take your own camera on the flight, but they do have a wing mounted action camera that captures images of the flight for you. From memory, the price for this was really reasonable – somewhere between $10-$20 for a memory stick with all of your photos on it for you to keep.


Since our accommodation was in Zimbabwe, we had to cross over into Zambia for the microlight flight. Be aware that you will need to obtain an entry VISA into Zambia, although this can be done at the border – just don’t forget to take your passport with you!


If you’re not completely confident in venturing over Victoria Falls in what is essentially a motorized hang glider, they offer helicopter rides as well.


Some other exciting activities to do near Victoria Falls include Devil’s Pool, sunset cruises, game drives, quad biking, river safaris and canoeing. We were also given permission to visit a traditional village which was a great cultural experience.


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  1. Wow those pictures are amazing you’re so lucky to have done that! Looking forward to reading about your adventures

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    1. It was a great experience! Loved it and would recommend it to anyone 🙂


  2. Dustin says:

    Wow, looks incredible!

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  3. Beautiful and what a way to admire the falls.

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    1. It was a spectacular vantage point! 🙂

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  4. We flew over the Falls in a helicopter and that was amazing, but in a microlight…wow! Love the photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Caroline! It was an experience I’ll never forget 🙂

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  5. Omg, this looks like so much fun! Great tips as well.

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    1. It was the best! Definitely one of the best travel experiences I’ve had 🙂

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    1. Definitely put it on the bucket list! 🙂


  6. JarradSAUL says:

    This looks insane!

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    1. It was! No walls or windows. Your’re literally ‘strapped’ in with a seat-belt across your waste and that’s it! You experience all the elements as if you were a bird flying 🙂


  7. gormteper says:

    Amazing experience!

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  8. Wow wow wow, that must have been such an incredible experience!! Victoria Falls is on my bucket list too but it feels so impossible- I’m trying not to be too envious…

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    1. Nothing is impossible Kia! You’ll make it there one day 🙂

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  9. RunBikeThrow says:

    Amazing! How was your experience in Zimbabwe? Any issues?

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    1. No issues at all! Everyone was lovely and we had a wonderful time 🙂 We were only there for about 5 days and our hotel offered inclusive shuttle rides and tours so we were usually with a guide, so our overall experience was definitely a positive one.

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  10. Very cool! I’m a pilot myself, and always appreciate the airborne vantage point. 🙂
    I nominated you for the “Mystery Blogger Award” – sort of a digital chain letter, I know, and not everybody enjoys that sort of thing, so no pressure to keep it going. Point is – I enjoy what you’re doing, and think it’s worthwhile to share, so hopefully it will result in others discovering what I already know about you!
    If you choose to play along, the “rules” are on my post here:

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    1. Oh wow! Thank you for the nomination! 🙂

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  11. Wow! That looks fantastic. We flew over Iguassu falls from the Brazilian side in a helicopter but that looks much more adventurous. Well done! Cheers, Mark

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    1. I have yet to do that one! Hopefully next year 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Mark.

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  12. Was this more magnificent than Niagara Falls? I know it is different, but I’m curious about your opinion!

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    1. I have not been able to visit Niagra Falls yet! I am planning to experience it next year and I will get back to you 😉 I feel like Victoria Falls is more spectacular in a microlight as we were also able to see African animals such as Elephants from above which you wouldn’t have at Niagra Falls – but Niagra is more spectacular by boat I would imagine. I look forward to experiencing it one day soon 🙂


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