I have mentioned in previous posts my love for Audrey Hepburn and I could write an entire blog on all the reasons why (and I may just do that at some stage) but for now, some of you might be thinking, what is an Audrey Hepburn Travel Photo Challenge? Well, let me show you!

It all started when my sister and I traveled to Europe for the first time in 2012. Before leaving, I’d spent a couple of days curled up on the couch watching her films over and over. The two that got me most excited for my upcoming trip were ‘Roman Holiday’ (my all time favourite movie ever!), ‘Paris when it Sizzles’ and ‘Funny Face’. As I watched them I would point out “I’M GOING THERE! I’M GOING THERE!” and all of a sudden, I had this brilliant idea to not only visit these places that Audrey herself has been, but to have photos taken in those places doing what Audrey had done.

For example, In Rome, I visited the Mouth of Truth. In the film ‘Roman Holiday’ Audrey’s character Princess Ann and Joe Bradley (played by Gregory Peck) also visit The Mouth of Truth. Now obviously when they filmed the movie, there was no security there monitoring your coin donation and only allowing you to take one photo, but I was lucky enough to have my sister with me (who also has an excellent camera) and was able to capture a moment similar to the one I was after.


Clearly I’m no Audrey Hepburn, it’s all just for a bit of fun and I’ve kept the tradition going. I try to take at least one photo doing something ‘Audrey’ everywhere I travel. This has proven to be quite difficult at times, and not everyone is as good as capturing these moments like my sister, but I am thankful that my friends and family go out of their way to help me come up with something different.

I did another scene from Roman Holiday on the Spanish Steps in Rome. The gelato was amazing although I’m eating it in the wrong hand – oh well close enough!


That time I had Breakfast at Tiffany’s in New York. Had it not been Winter and snowing, I may have put on a little black dress. I thoroughly enjoyed the bagel I grabbed from a cart on the way though.

121IMG_2664 (3)

If I was any good with Photoshop (which I definitely am not) I would have put some balloons in mine, as there was little time for me to buy a helium tank, a pack of balloons and string to do this one properly. This shot was taken at the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in Paris, located just outside the Louvre.


Taken from the movie ‘Funny Face’ as Audrey sings and dances her way around Paris, this picture was taken on the shore of the Seine in front of the Pont des Arts.


Admiring Times Square in New York. Again, it was FREEZING! so I wasn’t brave enough to head outside in a long skirt and no socks – maybe in the summer!

212IMG_2670 (3)

One of the more harder photos was in Amsterdam. I imagine the photo of Audrey was actually taken in countryside as she is lying in the grass and the only Windmill I had quick access to in Amsterdam was the Gooyer Windmill at the IJ Brewery. The angle is off because if I had lined it up correctly, I would have been floating in the river in the bottom right photo…I would very much like to get out and see more of the countryside in the Netherlands, so I may opt for a take two if the opportunity arises.


Does anybody else do photo challenges whilst they travel? Do any other Audrey lovers have some photo ideas for me? Would love to hear them!

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  1. eleanorrosem says:

    What a brill idea!

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 It’s a lot of fun!


  2. This is awesome! So much dedication, I love it!

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I love going through the thousands of photos of her and deciding which one’s i’ll attempt!

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      1. Oh and I loved Funny Face. Audrey Hepburn is so adorable and the scene where she is in the wedding dress was killing me with envy for that dress! My mom and I where laughing teasing though because there is no way she’d ever be considered anything but model beautiful.

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      2. She wears so many beautiful dresses in her films! I absolutely adore the one in Sabrina as well. Now I’m in the mood for having an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon! 🙂

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  3. livreuter says:

    I am in love with this photo challenge! I love Audrey, I’ll have to try it. There may be some opportunities from her movie Charade

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are a few good ones from Charade, but a lot of them have Cary Grant in them as well…I’ll need to find a male willing to participate lol


  4. kari44h says:

    Love this how neat !

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  5. I love this idea and love the photos. When I was in Rome I also put my hand in the mouth and thought…Audrey Hepburn’s hand has been here! Ok so probably millions of others have in between but still. I have her box set on video, time to upgrade those seeing as I don’t have a player connected any more. Thanks for keeping her spirit alive, you definitely need to do a car one from Sabrina Fair.

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    1. Thanks! 😊 Great idea! I’ll see if I can find some stills from Sabrina that will work. Thanks for the recommendation!


      1. Thanks for these! I’m getting some more ideas. I could definitely do the one’s of her on a bicycle! Would just need to hire one whilst I’m overseas.😁😁


  6. jbcezar says:

    oh, this is cool. great idea.

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  7. len3travel says:

    I just told my husband I think we’re long lost sisters! I’m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn and I live in Sydney too! Totally loving your blog!

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    1. Oh wow! What a small world – we must be long lost sisters 😉 thank you so much! I’m enjoying your blog as well – love the quotes of the week!

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  8. len3travel says:

    Reblogged this on This Little Piggy… and commented:
    Totally loving Adventure.Cass’s Blog! Those of you that know me, know my love for Audrey Hepburn and I am so in love with this idea! Just going to add it to my 50 before 50 list 😉


  9. bearly says:

    That’s a great little project. I see a book in the making 🙂

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    1. I have to start traveling more frequently so I can build a larger collection 😉


  10. bearly says:

    and a great quote!

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    1. one of my favourites!


  11. Mike says:

    Great idea ! Certainly a change from the usual “been there, done that” photos.

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